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William Becomes a Treasured Family Member

William Alexander Leighton was born May 16, 1995 and came into our lives on August 5, 1995. Little did we know how much our lives would change!!

William was my first Papillon and it did not take long for me to realize that he had moved not only into my life but into my heart. He was such as happy little boy and everyone who got to know him were really taken in by his playful always happy personality. Thus the phrase "Happy Pappy" came about.

He became an employee of Car Care of Bradford and had his own personal following of folks who came in just to see him. He napped in a baby snugglie that I wore so that he was always with me.


Outside there was a shady lawn to play on where balls could be chased and treats could be chewed on.


Will made friends easily and was always ready to play. Size didn't matter just as long as they wanted to play. But it was sure nice to find someone his size.


William Grows Up

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