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This simple but moving story was sent to William, Kami Lin, and I and we loved it so much we decided that it needed to be shared with all our friends.
A Manís Best Friend
Fancy Pappy"Iím a man who grew in up in a household that was full of cats. My mom always had cats. My mom loved Cats. She even had a few cats she called mine. I always thought cats were cool. I liked having them around but it nothing that I couldnít live without or couldnít wait to get home to see. But, thatís the way things went at my house. It was a cat house. When I was young, I did have a dog or two as pets that were kept outside. I never really got that close to them because as a kid I had so much other stuff to do. I just didnít warm up to dogs and figured I was just not a "pet" person.

When I first met my wife, she had a little Papillon. If you donít know what that is, itís a small dog and in my opinion at the time, it was a kind of girlie dog. She did like to play with a ball, but Iím a fairly big man and I always thought I would hurt her if I played with her much. So I pretty much just left it alone and let my wife attend to the dog the way she wanted to.

Preview of What's to ComeWell, as years passed and we got our own home, we talked about having a dog of our own. (Our dog) When the conversation turned to dogs, I was thinking about Border Collies and she wanted a dog to stay in the house. I thought a Jack Russellís a good size, we can keep him in the house. Thatís what my mind was sort of set on. We would talk about it for a while and it always came back to a Papillon. And like I said, they are small. What can a big guy like me do with a dog like that? So the conversations just sort of went away. Time passed. No dog.

Fiesty PapillonEvery few months the conversation would come up again and it would go the same way. We just couldnít agree and I didnít want to say that I didnít want a Papillon but I did want a dog of some sort. One night my wife came home from work with a newspaper ad that had Papillons. I said oh boy, here we go. Looks like the end of the road for it. After a day or two of talking about it, we sort of let it rest. We werenít going to get one at this point either. It wasnít the best time to get a dog so we decided we just wouldnít.

Well, finally, a day or two after that even, I called this breeder. And guess what, he had one left. One little boy. He said this little boy was real cute and he would probably be a good stud dog. Said he thought he might have a little bit of the devil in him because he was always into some kind of mischief. Well, that perked my curiosity quit a bit. A little Papillon. Hmmmm Thatís got some of the demon in him? Sounds interesting to me. So I talked to the man and asked him if he would hold the dog until Saturday and weíd come take a look at him.

Portrait in LoveWell, as Saturday quickly approached, hoping, kind of, that the guy would probably get rid of the dog sometime between that time, we called him Saturday morning to get directions to his house. He said the dog was still there and waiting for us to come take a look. So we headed out on a journey to look at a little Papillon. Well, these folks had a long driveway. The second we turned in the driveway you could look up at the end and there was a little dog pen sitting there. A little fellow was sitting in it (a little black and white Papillon. He was just sitting there looking around at the birds flying over. He looked very cute and we looked at each other and said, "boy, I hope thatís him. He is really really cute." Well, we got out of the car and walked up to the pen and he got up and walked across the pen and put his little paws up on the gate. My wife bent down and picked him up and from that moment on she never wanted to put him down. We ended up naming this little guy Michelangelo Antonio. Yes, thatís what we call him, Michelangelo. And like alot of Papillons that Iíve read about in the past, he tries his best to live up to that name. Actually, heís the most incredible thing Iíve ever seen.

Ready for PlayHeís a year old now and every single day, (and Iím not exaggerating), with this little fellow has been a pleasure. When you get up in the morning and your backís hurting and youíve really got a lot of hard things to do that day, and youíre sitting there thinking about what kind of day itís going to be, thinking this is really going to be a tough one ahead, and you hear him barking in there, because heís ready to go out for his morning walk, and you go in there and you see that incredible smiling face, all of the bad things that can go wrong during the day, all the hardness, seem to melt away. You take him for his walk and he does something silly that makes you laugh. Sort of lets you know that the day ahead is not going to be that difficult or that tough.

You just start looking forward to coming back to him and being able to play with him. You see just how much fun life can actually be. The amazing thing about him is the wonderment in his eyes when he looks at a rabbit or sees a bird fly. There must be some magic in him. The magic, I guess, is what makes you fall for him the minute you see him. Thatís exactly what happened to me. For my wife it was a natural thing because a Papillon was exactly what she wanted. But for me, a Papillon just wasnít my idea of a dog.

Favorite ToyIf youíre idea of a dog is a best friend, then thatís exactly what he is. He is your best friend. You can tell him anything you want to tell him and I promise he wonít tell anybody else. He makes you feel better when youíre sad. Makes you laugh. Just makes you feel good all inside. Thatís what a dogís supposed to do, be a pleasure to you. Be a help. And thatís exactly what he is. Oh, and by the way, did I mention that he tops out at 13 pounds. Thatís a pretty decent size for a Papillon, Iíd say. Got all the looks that one carries with him, a beautiful tail, outstanding ears, beautiful eyes, and of course heís faster than a jack rabbit. He will retrieve a ball like no Jack Russell Iíve ever seen.

If you had to sum up a PAPILLON in a single word, you couldnít do it. But a good place to try might be the word AWESOME!"
The Boys
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