I have found through experience that when someone loses a beloved animal it is next to impossible to find a card to send to ease their pain and let them know that I share their pain and that I care and understand. That is why I designed this card. Although I do not want to see this card being used because I know what it means I also hope that it will bring some comfort.
With Love from the Happy Pappy Crew.

Sympathy Card

This card was designed to provide a message of comfort to those that have lost a loved one. The card is five and a half inches by eight and a half inches in size. The inside verse reads "May the loss you are feeling be stilled by the memories of happy times and the love of such a devoted pet." The card is suitable for all types of pets and is printed on cream paper with a matching envelope. The card may be ordered in any quantity at a cost of $5.00 each. The pricing for this card is different from the others in that for each purchase a portion of the price will be donated to the Upper Valley Humane Society. The cost for this card is $5.00. Of the $5.00, $2.00 is for printing, handling, and mailing, $3.00 will be donated to the Upper Valley Humane Society. When the card or cards are sent out a certificate stating the amount of the donation with a validated signature will be included.
Please e-mail us at Happy Pappy to order your card. Do not forget to include your name and address. You will be billed $5.00 for the card and when payment is received you will be mailed your donation card. Multiple orders must be pre-paid.
e-mail address happypap@happypap.com


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