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Just write us with your Papillon picture to join the club!!
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Growing Up
Michelangelo is now a regular visitor with a new picture as of July '05!! That beautiful coat is really coming in! Fun to watch him grow up!!

Hi, My name is Michelangelo. My Mom and Dadthinks the world of me. I am a Southern gentleman from North Carolina.
Hi Michelangelo, pleased to make your acquaintance!
Please read my special story written by my Dad at Michelangelo's Page.
Wow, Michelangelo is growing up as seen in his newest picture!!

Hi this is me at 19 months! I am Skeeter and I am a retired finished champion living the good life in New Hampshire. Look for me in Playdog soon.
Hi and belated Happy 14th Birthday from all of us here at Happy Pappy!!

Skeeter crossed over Rainbow Bridge in December 2003. He will be missed by all who loved him.

Hello from Massachusetts! I am Teddy and will be turning 3 on the 26th of July. My dad loves me very much and makes me feel very very special!
Hi and Happy Birthday Teddy, from the Happy Pappy Crew!!

I am Pixie! I am just a youngster and full of fun and energy. I am working hard to put that Papillon spell on my Mom but because I am so cute it won't be too hard!!
Hi Pixie from both William and Kami Lin! Welcome to email friends!

Teralea's pups, cute cute cute! Glad to hear from you!
Welcome to the world from William and Kami Lin.

HI!! My name is Copper, I am the handsome boy on the left. My newly adopted brother Skipper was a birthday present because he arrived on my 1st birthday (Hey, I didn't ask for a brother). It was hard to share Mom's love with him but I've gotten to really love him alot.
Welcome to Happy Pappy land Copper and Skipper!!

Morgan La Fay, is a Happy Healthy Pap. Three years old she loves sleeping on the bed, going for trips to Pet Mart, her favorite movie is Bambi, love's the baby animals, and she wants to say Hi to all From Falcon Co.
Welcome to the Happy Pappy group Morgan!!



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