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A Valentine's Day Story for Every Day of the Year!
By P J Leighton

In The
Tale of
Two Hearts


Kami Lin








Valentine's Day was coming and William still wasn't sure of how he was going to tell Kami Lin how he much he cared for her. Oh yes, he could send her the usual flowery Valentine, but that was what everyone else did, but he wanted to do something very special and very different. That would surely impress her. Maybe a romantic balloon ride at sunset, but then was she afraid of heights? He knew she was very sensitive, after all the car wash caused her to lose a great amount of her beautiful soft fur and he didn't want to do that to her again as there was still a lot of winter left! Diamond collars were nice but so ostentageous and lacked that spectacular surprise appeal. William's mind swirled around and around with all kinds of ideas. This wasn't going to be easy!

The next day dawned sunny, crisp and clear and William decided to clear his head by taking a walk. Maybe some fresh air would net him some new ideas. As he strolled along he met Miss Whitney, a wise old Corgi who just might have his solution. "How are you doing this fine day," she asked? William felt comfortable talking with her and explained his predicament. Miss Whitney thought for a while and then suggested that William hide in a Valentine Heart box and pop out when Kami came to the door. William thought that sounded like fun but was still not sure that that was what would win Kami Lin over and make her his. William thanked her for her suggestion, wished her a great day and continued on his walk.

William and Whitney

Being out in the winter sunshine was very pleasant and William headed over to see Miss Becky. Maybe she could help, he knew she wrote that column, "Dear Miss Becky". William found her hard at work on her column but ever open to a short bone break and a visit with a friend. As a trusted confidant William related his dilemma to Miss Becky. Knowing Kami, Becky suggested a nice selection of meaty bones tied with a big red bow and a card saying "I'd give my last bone for you!" William could see how that might please Kami but was still not enthused with any of the ideas yet. He knew Miss Becky was busy so he took his leave thanking her and wishing her well.

Will visits Becky

William resumed his walk and saw Caesar up ahead. He knew his reputation with the ladies was anything but loving and gentle. He was a real cad when it came to love. William crossed over to the other side of the street hurrying by as Caesar argued with one of his neighbor felines. You never knew what kind of a mood he was in. Best to just keep on walking.

Will Avoids a Confrentation

Maybe he would stop in and see Sebastian; he was a good fellow and might have a worthy solution to his problem. As William approached Sebastian's' he could hear music. Sebastian was really a good vocalist. Sebastian welcomed him in and offered drinks and a platter of puperoni and bacostrips. Sebastian welcomed the company and rattled on about his new venture in a Grooming Shop Quartet. William found it hard to get a word in edgewise. Sebastian was a good-hearted fellow but oh doggie, could he talk! Finally there was a break in the conversation and William put forth his problem. "A rose and a song!" declared Sebastian enthusiastically. "That will win her heart," said Sebastian. William thought about it, but knew that his singing wasn't really all that fantastic and that he would probably end up making a fool of himself. William left thanking Sebastian for his advice. "Good Luck!" shouted Sebastian as he waved good-bye.

Will Visits Sebastian

William though about going to see Ollie Wallin, but Ollie was so good looking the females came to him to compete for his affections. What would Ollie know about how to win someone's heart, he never had to work at it, and he only had to choose which one of his admirers to be with!

Then it hit him; I'll go see Princess BeBee. She was such a gentle loving spirit. She would have his answer! He knew she would be hard to find on this sunny winter day but he knew her favorite woodland spot among the feathery pines. Yes, BeBee would have his answer! William started up into the woods towards BeBee's enchanted woodland palace. The going was sometimes tough as the snow was deep in places. He started across a small snow bridge and was almost across when the bridge gave way. Down, down he tumbled and rolled and finally came to a landing with a soft thud in the deep snow. William was a mite bit shook up but otherwise okay. But, he did have a problem. The snow was so deep and soft that as he tried to climb back out of the pocket he found that the snow just fell back in around him. William knew not to panic but the sun was beginning to set and the temperature was dropping. When he had started out this morning he had not worn his coat and boots, as it had been so nice. Now he longed for his warm coat and fleecy boots. Next time, if there was one, he would wear his coat and boots just to be on the safe side.

Will Tried Hard to Get Out!

Just as William was beginning to tire and had once again found himself at the bottom he heard a soft sweet voice, "William is that you?" William looked up to see BeBee looking down at him. "I thought I heard something strange going on." BeBee said. "The closer I got the more I realized something or someone was in trouble. I didn't want to call out because I wasn't sure who it was. Last week I came upon two Fisher Cats arguing. When I tried to act as a mediator they both turned on me. So I decided to find out what was going on before I stepped in this time." "Oh, Princess BeBee," William chattered, by this time cold and tired, "am I happy to see you!" "Well now, let's see what we can do to get you out," BeBee said. "Try and climb up as far as you can and I will try and reach down and get you out." William climbed up as far as he could and BeBee reached in and

Princess BeBee to the Rescue

tried to get him out but there was still about 12 inches between them. "Wait," said BeBee "do you think if I had a branch you could hold on to it long enough for me to pull you out?" "Oh yes," said William, "I am good at tug games." "Okay," said BeBee, "I will be right back." It seemed like forever to William but was really only minutes and BeBee returned with a sturdy limb for William to grasp hold of. BeBee lowered the limb and William took a firm hold. BeBee began slowly backing up and William began to slowly rise up! Reaching the top was glorious!

"Come," BeBee said, "you need to get warmed up and have something to eat." William knew BeBee had a snug warm snow castle lined with pine boughs and she always had special treats to share with visitors. "You'll spend the night," BeBee said, "It is too cold now to be out and about." BeBee's snow castle was even more splendorous than William had remembered with ice carvings decorating the entrance and the floors lined with soft pine boughs. Inside a warm fire crackled and the melted ice formed a cascading waterfall that flowed into an ice walled pond. The sounds and sights were mesmerizing and soothing to William. BeBee beckoned him to sit on one of the soft pine filled pillows near the fire. The pillows were plush and comfy; it felt so good to be warm and safe. BeBee brought out a platter of delicacies and sweet spring water to drink. As the scent wafted into the air William realized that he was hungry. "Eat, drink," said BeBee, "we will talk after dinner it has been some time since I have had company and it is so nice that you have come to visit."

Princess BeBee and William Visit

William was stuffed by the time the last platter was cleared away. "I have always found that good food, good drink, and good company restore the soul" said BeBee. "But, I sense that you have something that is weighting heavy on your heart. Come, tell me about it." William began telling BeBee about his dilemma with what to present to Kami Lin for Valentine's Day so that she would know how he felt about her. He told her about all the suggestions that he had gotten that day and how none of them seemed to be just right.

"I don't wonder," said BeBee "they are all wonderful suggestions and fun to think about but if you truly want to win her heart there is only one present you can give her."

William felt a sense of excitement fill him. She would have the answer to his quest of what to get for Kami. "Oh Princess BeBee what is it?" William said, excitement filling his voice! "Is it expensive, where can I get it, how will I wrap it?" said William.

"Slow down William," said BeBee. " First of all it is priceless and only you will know where to find it and how to present it."

William looked dismayed. "What do you mean Princess BeBee?

Bebee continued on, her soft voice melding with the song of the dancing waterfall. "The most precious gift you can give is to be found within your heart. Love cannot be kept inside. It must be given away for it to be of any value."

William thought about this for a while. He had been pining for Kami for a long while but he had not revealed anything not knowing if she felt the same way too.

"But BeBee how will she know, how do I tell her? This is hard; I have never done anything like this before. I have so much love inside that I feel like I could burst," said William.

"You can package it in many ways, but when your heart is true and full of love, it doesn't need fancy trinkets to win her heart. You are a true and loyal friend William; I can see how much this has troubled you. Look inside your heart. All the answers are there. You must sleep now it is getting late and we will get an early start tomorrow to get you home safely. Goodnight William." And with that BeBee curled up and was asleep in minutes the soft murmur of her breathing like a lullaby.

Princess BeBee Asleep

William lay awake for a while but sleep came creeping in on soft paws. He would think more tomorrow.

The sun filled the palace with shafts of light reflecting through the ice sculptures and forming rainbows that cast a warming glow to the room as William awoke to find a breakfast platter in front of him and BeBee nowhere to be found. Just as William finished breakfast BeBee appeared at the entrance and said, "Good Morning, did you sleep well?" "Yes, I slept so peacefully and my heart seems at peace," said William. "Come then," said BeBee "you have lots to do, let's start for home."

William Woke to Rainbows and Breakfast

William looked around the castle once more before they left. The rainbows were so beautiful and full of color. What an exquisite gift they would make. But how? He would think more about this later but he knew he must get home.

The trip out of the forest was beautiful with the sun reflecting off the snow. William walked fast to keep up with BeBee knowing how she could just blend in a second into the snowy landscape. They chatted about old friends and the coming of spring, something BeBee wasn't all that enthusiastic about. It seemed like such a short trip when made with a friend and before he knew it they were back to town. William bid BeBee farewell and as he left he heard her call "Give with your heart, from your heart and her heart will know your love."

As he turned to say goodbye she had already vanished into the snowy woodland grove. She was a special friend and he felt lucky just to know her.

William Turns To Say Good Bye

The walk home was light and easy. He passed Milo's house and could see Milo practicing his Olympic skills in the glass solarium, he didn't like the cold weather but then William could not blame him he needed all sorts of winter paraphernalia to stay warm outside. He was an inside kind of guy.

Home at last William had lunch and as he sat in front of the large glass door the sunlight streamed through and projected a rainbow on the floor.

"That's it!" declared William. "A crystal heart that will cast a rainbow of love from my heart to hers." He hoped Valentine's Day would be sunny!

William worked hard carving the crystal heart out of ice, fashioning the many facets so they would catch the light and reflect the perfect rainbow. His work was rewarded; the crystal heart was a masterpiece. William felt that it had become a part of him, this very beautiful heart shaped jewel seemed to reflect his innermost feelings. He finally felt he had the perfect gift and was pleased as Valentine's Day approached.

William Works on the Crystal Heart

As Valentine's Day dawned William was excited. But, when he looked out the window his heart dropped. The day had dawned cloudy and looked like snow was coming. How would he get the crystal heart to reflect a rainbow if there was no sun? William was downhearted. All his hard work seemed in vain. It was too late to look for something else. He would just have to give her the crystal heart and hope that she would like it for the work he had put into it. He brushed his hair and put on his finest coat, picked up the crystal heart and with much trepidation headed for Kami Lin's house.

William held his breath as he rung her bell. Would she like the gift, would she understand just how much he cared or would she reject him?

Kami Lin answered the door dressed in a bright red sweater that showed off her beautiful neck ruff and fur draped ears. Wow, thought William, she is beautiful!

"William, I am so happy to see you," she said. "Happy Valentine's Day! You look so fine in your coat, did you get your hair done?"

William was overwhelmed! She was so warm and sweet. He had to find the right words to say what he felt.

"Kami, you are very special to me. I have never known anyone like you before." As he continued he brought the crystal heart out from behind his back. Kami gasped when she saw it, both paws going to her mouth. "Oh, how beautiful, William!" Encouraged by her reaction William started to explain how he had wanted it to be sunny so that the sun could make a - - - Then it happened! Like a miracle the rainbow grew stronger as it made an arch between William's heart and Kami's heart linking them together.

And Then it Happened---!

Kami leaned forward and kissed William whispering, "I love you too, William. I have for a long time now but I didn't know how you felt. But now there is no doubt we are meant to be together."

Kami reached out and took the crystal heart and placed it on a window ledge. "Come," she said, "come inside where it is warm," and she took William's paw and led him inside. And as they turned and closed the door the sun popped out from behind the clouds and filtering thought the crystal heart, filled the room, and Kami and William, with a rainbow of love.

May you find love within your heart and give it away. It will always return to you in rainbows.

William and Kami Lin


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